Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mainly Maine

We arrived in Maine earlier this week to marvelous weather. Maine has had a chilly and very rainy spring and summer, but there was no evidence of foul weather while we were there.

The cabin we stayed in for 4 days was right on the Damariscotta River. It's great for sea kayaking, with islands to paddle to. This is the view right out our cabin door. The guys went out on sea kayaks to a nearby rock outcropping and harvested mussels for their dinner. Fi and I don't like mussels so there was plenty for them.

The back yard, a stand of trees on a rock cliff with the river right below.

The modest little cabin....

and with twinkle lights on at night.

Fresh flowers greeted us as we entered.

We immediately hopped on our bikes and rode to Christmas cove and saw working and pleasure boats side by side.

My favorite boats are the lobster boats. I love their shape, all hardy and sturdy, ready for the waves.

I thought this was a great name for a boat. This one's for you, Penny.

The second day we got on our bikes again and biked on over to Pemaquid light house. It was a blistery hot day, but as soon as we got to the ocean, we felt the breeze, hung out on the rocks and cooled down a bit.

The next day was shopping and eating. I LOVE lobster and was able to eat a couple lobster rolls and a lobster dinner, over the course of a few days.

The famouse Red's Eats in Wiscassett.

Gotta love the name, Smitten. I'm designing a mitten called 'Smitten Mitten', inspired by this shop.

Here's Fi coming out of a local barn shop, loaded down with candles, a platter and other goodies.

Firehouse Gallery is a way cool gallery leaning towards contemporary art. I loved everything in there.

I don't even sew, but I can't resist colorful fabrics. Maybe I'll attempt a simple bag.

I was really attracted to all this red fireman's paraphernalia. It would go great in my Cumberland house. But things were way too expensive.

The owner of this shop threw out some wildflower seeds in the spring and got this totally cute little garden. Mine would be just weeds. It helps to have a cool, wet climate.

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