Thursday, August 06, 2009

Just Felt It

Ann came over the other day and we had a great afternoon of felting. We laid out our materials on my hot tub since it's in the shade, a perfect height for felting without hurting our backs and of course we can get it as wet as we want.

We laid out silk chiffon scarves that I had already dyed, laying wispy layers of dyed wool on.

I then put on some of my slubby yarn, wet it all and rolled it up in bubble wrap. I rolled it around a pool noodle, sat down, grabbed my knitting and rolled back and forth with my feet for about 20 minutes.

More rolling with my arms, then had fun slamming it on the deck to finish it off.

After it was dry, I embellished it a bit with various beads.

I left a border of chiffon so it created a ruffle.

This is Ann's before....

...and her lovely finished scarf.

This one reminds me of something a mermaid would wear if she had to be warm underwater.

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