Monday, September 21, 2009

I Heart Anthropologie

I LOVE going into Anthropologie, the one in Bethesda, even though it's near my 'forbidden zone', Rockville Pike). Whoever they have assembling their displays is so totally creative, innovative and awesome. I always come away with fresh, new ideas for my own shop arrangements and occasionally even something I can wear (on sale!) or a cute glass. The ceilings are about 50' high so there is plenty of room to let their imaginations soar. Last winter they had a vintage ski gondola hanging from the ceiling and there are always some sort of artsy object cascading down. Many times it's made from paper, old manuscripts, old sheet music old ledger paper. This time it was huge birds like an ostrich that was at least 10'tall, made from scraps and rolled paper, covering a wire structure. Like paper mache, without the mache. The bird above was not nearly so tall, but was leaning over a table adorned with all black and white linen and dishes. So clever!

They even go the length of painting the walls for certain displays. I liked this exhibit of black, white with a dash of red. I even copied down the cupcake recipe.

And this assemblage was all light and airy. I wanted to just curl up on the sofa and read a good book, looking up once in awhile to take all that airiness in!

I'm a sucker for letters. I have a collection of D's (not for Dalis or Davidson, but for Dancing Leaf Farm!, whatever). I even have one 4' tall 'f' with 15 light bulbs that was once probably on some building advertising foot powder or Ford Fairlanes. It's fun to just wander this spacious store and take in these setups. Thanks, you sagacious Anthropologie people for giving us some edginess that many of our boring stores aren't brave enough to attempt. You rock, paper, scissors!

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