Sunday, September 06, 2009

The New and Improved Kiparoo Farm

Last week I went over a couple days to help Annie paint. Annie of Kiparoo Farm is moving to a big farm in the Middletown valley. The main house was built in the mid-1800's, a typical Maryland farmhouse, L-shaped with two porches in the back part and a large porch across the front. Kiparoo Farm yarn and more will be housed in the beautiful front rooms, with her living quarters in the back and upstairs. They sanded and coated all the random width floors, to a high, glossy sheen. Annie jokes that you can put your lipstick on while looking at the floors!

The driveway is paved, unlike her 3-D, class 3 driveway at the other farm. Pastures surround the house and there are so many outbuildings, I lost count at 20.

The little red shed will be her farm stand, where she'll sell pumpkins, gourds and corn, lamb, veal, flowers and eventually ice cream. Annie has had a long time dream of making artisan ice cream and it will finally come to fruition next spring. She has bred Guernsey's for over 20 years now and has 14 lovely, doe-eyed girls who are producing creamy milk, ready to made into delicious ice cream.

Annie and her trusy side kick, Wren.

Middletown valley is mostly rural, large farms, growing corn and soybeans. But as with a lot of rural land, development is creeping in. It takes the unending energy and ceaseless hard work of someone like Annie to keep these farms in commission. The main house has not been occupied for a decade, but the land has been leased by a local farmer, keeping it in production.

The tenant house that sits at the entrance to the farm needed a bit of attention. Annie is in charge of renting this cute 3-bedroom cottage so hopefully it will be occupied soon. We painted a glossy dark brown bedroom a much brighter, happier color and Annie painted the porch ceilings sky blue, put a fresh coat of paint on the porch, all the trim and doors, mounted shutters, cleared away debris from the yard, placed a cute chair and table on the porch and with a bit of fanfare, hung a star on the front wall and called it done.

Know of anyone who wants to lead the good life on a farm in the country?


willowisp2 said...

Annie's new places look wonderful...they truly sparkle! Good luck to Annie and her new endeavors.

willowisp2 said...

Annie's new places look wonderful...they truly sparkle! Good luck to Annie and her new endeavors.

pat range said...

Thought I would check in to see what Annie was up to and found this beautiful farm. So happy to see all that she has developed as it is truly the fulfillment of her lifelong dreams. There she is in full stride just as I remember her-accomplishing so much and bringing joy through her trade. I now live on Kauai but must say the farm, its buildings and rural setting pulls at my heartstrings! Aloha and all the best to you Annie! Pat (Paroby) Range