Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's a Fiber Festival

My busy season has begun with my first show, the Fall Fiber Festival at Montpelier (James Madison's home) near Orange, Virginia. It was perfect weather, not 95 degrees, like last year, not 9" of rain the year before, just sun and temps in the 70's. I see many fiber friends there, customers who have visited me for the last 19 years that I've been there. I think this is my favorite show because it's small, just about 50 vendors, in the middle of a field and woods surrounding it. The customers are happy, the sheep clean, the food pretty good (best donuts in the world!) and it's just plain fun.

I have a large double space that at first appears way too big, but I soon fill it up with heaps of color.

I love these old suitcases to display yarn in. I find them at our local dump or for cheap at yard sales. When was the last time you actually saw one on the luggage carousel?

This is the yarn from my sheep, last fall's shearing. I sent it to Prince Edward Island to be spun into yarn. I knit my 'Going to the Barn' hat and handwarmers out of it.

This adorable little girl came in and bought scads of my purple "Gotta Knit" bracelets. Guess she's addicted to knitting!

Mr. Clean took his sheep for a walk!

Happy fiber enthusiasts.

Natalie helped me out over the weekend. We stayed in nearby Culpeper, a cute little town making a comeback with some trendy restaurants and tony shops. Painted on this building is "Butter, Eggs and Poultry" and "Highest Price Paid For_____." Wonder what it was and do I have any for sale?!

I really do like the architecture of these old, early 20th century buildings. They're full of character and charm.

Missing an awning.

This old hardware store is now a restaurant.

A well know artist, Sara Schneidman has taken up residence in Culpeper and opened a fabulously colorful store featuring her wool rugs, cards and many other artists' works.
After a full weekend of selling yarn, it was back to the studio to put it back together and dye more yarn.

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