Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No Slackers

I really do not like that some people are lazy. In fact I hate that in humans. I don't see how someone can just sit on their porch when their yard is trashed. They don't take pride in their surroundings. Animals are cleaner than some people.
So in comparison, this young couple in Cumberland has a business hauling unwanted items away from your house. When some folks are just sitting in front of the tube on a Sunday evening, Anna and Jay drive around scouting for trash. Monday morning is trash day in Cumberland so there just might be aluminum to be recycled. My friend had arranged for someone to haul away 3 very large air conditioners, 2 storm doors and a myriad of other things, but the guy couldn't get to it until Tuesday. This young woman came knocking on the door and asked if they could move the stuff at no charge. Hey, yeah, whatever! They have just a small sedan that they've converted into a sort of pick up truck by taking off the trunk door. The car has no back window. There were three small children in car seats in the back seat. Now don't go all child services on them, because they are doing what they have to do to support their family. They probably can't afford a sitter and have to take the kids along. Jobs are scarce, especially in Cumberland, and I have to admire them for trying to make a living.
The air conditioners weighed over 100 lbs each and they wrestled them into the back, strapped the doors onto the top and off they went. I hope they get a good price for recycling them. Kudos to them. Now go do that chore that you wanted to get done!

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