Thursday, January 21, 2010

Captiol Evening

I met Houston, Garrett and Sara downtown DC the other night for an Oberlin event at the State Department. We gathered at the new bike station across from Union Station, where commuters can store their bikes for an annual fee. It's a beautifully shaped building, like a long, glass, football. About 100 bikes can be kept here, with the bikes safely stored under glass.

Who knew DC could be hip?

Houston comin' in from the cold.

The bikes are brought in and if the lower racks are filled, an upper rack is brought down, the bike locked in....

...and up it goes for the night. Awesome for DC for spending the million to put the 'Bike & Roll' in. Forward thinking.

Then it was off to the capitol for a meet & greet with other Oberlin grads and the president of Oberlin.

I'd never been to the Senate building and enjoyed looking up

and up

and down

and over

whoa! messocables

and through

and down.

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Andrea said...

LOVE the Bike and Roll, What a great idea. Wish every city had one. Didn't know you were an Oberlin grad. Fabulous college and a great town. In fact, I'm going yarn shopping there today.