Sunday, March 14, 2010

Colorful California

While walking around in Davis (our destination on our x-country trip), I couldn't help but find color, color everywhere. The local bike shop had paraded their new line of hot new colored bikes and lined them up for all to drool over. I would like a purple one, a lime green one and of course one with flowers.

As Ann and I were riding our not-so-colorful bikes around town, we stopped to get a looksee at this flashy home. We liked the linear-ness of it (but also liked the Quixote Winery where no straight lines were allowed... guess we're easy to please).

There were many delightful details, like the clay tile house numbers handmade by some clever artist.

One of the many multi-colored buildings.

And one more shot of these candy colored bikes. Can't get enough!

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