Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rainy Days

Remember the torrential rains we had just a week ago? Inches in hours, with creeks and rivers raging and flooding beyond the banks. Houston and I were in Cumberland, walking around town and viewing the Potomac River that slides right through the middle of town. This iron sunburst is part of the 'blue bridge' that spans Maryland to West Virginia. Houston said it was put there so kids don't slide down the top of the bridge. Yikes!

This is what the Potomac looked like as it was spilling over the 8'drop under the bridge. It's a churning, frothy, foamy load of water.

So much so, that there were dozens of balls caught in a hydraulic that the water created. All kinds of balls, soccer, basketball, dodge, kick, volley, football, all happily jostling about on the water. This looks like a game of 'Get the Balls in the Tire'. It was mesmerizing to watch them. Houston had walked down to the bridge around noon and spotted all the balls and we saw this around 6:00 with the balls and tire still caught in the hydraulic. Better balls than this....

Yep, this poor cow got caught up in the flood. How sad.

and on a funnier note, we spotted this garage on our walk. Notice the spelling on the hand written 'no parking' sign. All one needed to do was to look up at the commercial sign to see how to spell expense! And I guess not all cars will be towed at owner's exspence.

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