Friday, May 14, 2010

Euro Style

Since our flight left so early in the morning, we decided to stay at a hotel near the airport plus we can leave our car there and not pay for airport parking. I must be just a little country girl because I was so impressed with this Euro-style hotel, Aloft, way cool for the US. The lobby was not large by any means, but was so well laid out there was room for 5 different seating areas, a pool table, a bar, computer area and eating area. The four large screen tv's showed aerial views of various cities around the world.

My tastes have really changed over the years (acchh remember country style?!) and I used to hate modern (glass, chrome, straight lines). But now I love retro 50's mid-century modern meets 21st century coolness. I like the crisp lines, the funky Jetson like graphics and pointy legged furniture.

Instead of the common counter against the wall, the reception desk was a circular space right in the middle. Much more welcoming.

The bar had a colorful frosted glass cabinet creating a kaleidescope background. But the winning feature was the countertop where thousands of tiny LED lights were embedded in the resin, with the lights changing color from blue to pink to yellow. With a couple glasses of wine, I'd probably become hypnotized.

I took these pics at 3:30 in the morning so of course there was no one at the bar. The stainless steel bar stools were lined up at an angle. The little things.

But the whacky award goes to the glass enclosed cabinet that had things for sale that you just might need.... for "Aches & Pains or

"Just in Case", a clever concept and when have you seen feminine hygiene products displayed so well?


willowisp2 said...

That is way cool! I'm looking forward to my next early morning flight out of town so I can stay there, too. Where can I go next?...

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