Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Montana, Random Musings

One of my favorite spots in Missoula is 'The Break', a cool, rustic, westerny coffee house. We spend hours here, visiting friends, doing internet stuff and of course, drinking their fine coffee.
It has exposed brick walls, heavy wood furniture and great artwork and their scones are to die for.

I had lots of mom time, which was awesome since I get to see her so seldom.

I'm head-ed for trouble!

Forrest is taking a summer job at a local vineyard, 25 miles northwest of Missoula. It is right on the Clark Fork River so Clark Fork Vineyard is an obvious choice for a name.

They are just in planting mode right now so the grapes won't be ready for a couple more years. A deck is being built to look over the river, for future wine sipping.

Along with grapes, hops are being grown. It's hard to see, but the hand made gate sports the word, hops.

This is the 'cabin' where Forrest and his dog Casey will be living. We visited for a day of food and wine consumption. A friend of the owner, Conrad, seems to be the personal chef so Forrest will be well fed. Conrad and Jorge (the owner) made a huge dish of paella for us all and we had a nice evening of wining and dining.

Happy times

Along with seeing lots of friends, we met some new ones. Kim, Forrest's girlfriend, had her family visiting from Michigan to celebrate Kim's sister's graduation. Above is Kim's brother-in-law and their little blues brother, Finn.

We attended Becky's wedding (most awesome wedding ever, really!) 2 years ago and now Becky and Gary have an adorable little cowboy, Mathias. Many of Becky's friends knit (as does Becky) so there are plenty of hand knit items around.

Including matching (?) baby and momma socks.

Seen across the street from Becky's. This is one way to get around....a St. Bernard pulling some guy in a wheelchair.

When Forrest got his bike stolen he got this amazing retro Schwin as a replacement. I fell in love with it and totally took it over. What a nice ride!

He also put another bike together at a place that has a heap of bike parts that for a fee, one can assemble an entire bike. Since he recovered his stolen bike, he now has 3 bikes. Yep, he's our son!

So after a week of partying and travel and having family constantly around, Forrest can chill and look back on his four amazing years at University of Montana. We're proud of you, boy.

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