Saturday, June 05, 2010

All Alone

Some folks like to be alone. I enjoy my days alone where I can dye yarn, spin, make jewelry, garden, bike or do whatever. But I look forward to spending evenings with Houston or I especially love it when my kids are home. After a week's visit, Forrest and his girlfriend, Kim, drove into the west, back to Missoula, Montana. I also took Houston to the airport where he's flying to Missoula to begin his big adventure riding his bike to Alaska. I won't see him until the end of July when I meet him in Alaska. So my house will be quite empty.

I won't see Forrest until maybe Christmas so if that isn't sad enough, I won't see Casey until who knows when. Casey came into our lives 6 years ago and has been my constant companion all these years. But we got him as Forrest's dog so I knew the day would come when Forrest would want him with him in Montana.

Casey loves car rides (truck rides even better) so as soon as we opened the door, he jumped in, an hour too early but he didn't want to get out in fear he would be left behind. We tried to explain to him that he had over 2200 miles of riding in the back seat alongside a bass drum (Forrest had to have his drum set too!) but he still wouldn't get out to run around before the long ride.
The kids got off by 8:00 a.m., drove 8 hours until the car broke down. They got a tow, spent the night in a small town in Ohio, and waited all day until the car got a new radiator. On the road again by 4:00 in the afternoon and those kids drove straight through to Missoula, nearly 1900 miles! We tried to warn you Casey! He will be so confused when he sees Houston today. Hey, how did HE get here?!

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LemonyRenee' said...

Awww, Dalis. I know you will miss Casey! Methinks some lucky dog will be getting to live in that little piece of paradise you call a yard soon. "Lucky dog."

Lots of doings with your family. What a blessing to have such a happy, healthy family.