Thursday, June 24, 2010

Party Time

Two parties a day keep the doctor away. First party started at noon at my neighbors who host an annual bocce party. Didn't play this year, but cheered the ball throwers on. Then off to a big pig roast party on a friend's farm. They bought this farm 2 years ago, 42 acres, 7 outbuildings and an 1886 house, all in need of repair, restoration, and rehab. This being my first time, I hadn't seen what state it all was in before they got their hands on it, but I heard it was dire. I was quite impressed with what they have done. The gardens were all well tended, weeded, watered and wired, the inside of the house freshly painted in not white (yay!), and the outbuildings had new roofs and were pretty straight.

The old dairy operation is still in working order, but I don't think they have cows, just sheep and horses.

Hollyhocks have to be my second favorite summer flower (after zinnias). They look fun against any background, but especially an old barn window.

The country lane was lined with our vehicles.

There was a hay ride around the property.

Soybeans are beginning to form their perfect rows

The kids at the party were having so much fun, running, playing hide and seek, and keeping this corgi company. It's nice to see kids enjoying a warm summer day, running full tilt in fields of grass.

But a real delight to see was the hop fields. I guess Tom got such a good price last year selling to a local brewery that he planted another acre this year. Hops are a beautiful plant, reaching like Jack in the Bean Stock up 20' into the sky.

These are the new little hops that the corgi is watching grow.

Tom and Carolanne supplied the pork and everyone contributed delicious summer dishes, colorful salads and desserts. We brought our own chairs and some folks even brought their table. There was plenty of shade, which we needed as the day was so hot.

As the sun was retreating into the western horizon, a group of musicians set up on the front porch. I know Tom from our Artist and Writer's group at the Hyattstown Mill and many of these talented folks play instruments.

We set up our chairs on the lawn, with the soybean fields on one side and the horses on the other, settled in and enjoyed some bluegrass and old folk songs. As the sun slid further down, the fields came alive with thousands of twinkly fireflies, dancing and blinking to the music. It was truly magical.

I love these summer outdoor parties, reconnecting with friends, making new ones and being thankful for another beautiful day in the country.

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