Friday, March 04, 2011

Community Spirit

This photo has nothing to do with this blog post but it's pretty and makes me think of summer which is just around two corners.
We have such a great community out here in the country. Most of us have lived here for nearly 30 years, have raised our kids as one large unit, have helped each other with major projects, (felling a 100-year old oak, narrowly missing our house, building studios, leveling a concrete floor, roof work, barn raising, renovation projects and on and on), and have just been there as friends who may need help. One of those friends (happens to be my brother-in-law) needs some cheering up after losing his daughter in January so my friend, Dick, decided to host Barnesville Boys Billiards, Basketball and Beer on Thursday nights. Here's the e-mail he sent:

> Subject: Barnesville Boys Billiards, Basketball and Beer (Not Book Club)
> You are invited to participate in an on-going Thursday night casual "Boys
> Night" at the Thoms Billiard Parlor. The plan is to continue this event on
> Thursday nights thru the dark time until the weather improves to allow biking,
> paddling, golf, etc - i.e., thru the Big Dance.
> First game begins at 7:00 PM Thursday, February 10, 2011.
> There will be food and beer - but no vegetables or silverware or
> fancy-schmancy beer glasses. This is, after all, a MANLY event.
> There will be TV tuned to ESPN (no Grey's Anatomy of Desperate Housewives
> here)
> There will be Pool - and competition will be encouraged, perhaps a team
> tournament - Bragging rights will be on the line.
> This Thursday's ESPN schedule includes Conn. v. St. John's or Florida State v.
> Georgia Tech at 7:00 PM, Alabama v. Vanderbilt @ 9:00 PM if we are still awake
> at that point. Next week begins the ACC tournament, etc.
> RSVP - so we can ensure adequate provisions (of meat and beer, of course)
> Hope you can make it.

But not to be outdone by the boys, my friend, Tina, quickly organized an alternative event for Thursday nights:

I can’t promise to host every Thursday night, but in response to Dick’s manly night..,,,well I couldn’t help myself.

Our Low key feminine approach= no fussing- minimal work-for Barnesville Babes on Thursday Nights
  • Beverages- not a lot of alcohol-one bottle of white, hot tea, diet soda, seltzer. So bring what you want to drink beyond that.
  • Food: popcorn, fruits and veggies, cheese and hummus. (NO MEAT) Add to the feast, as you please.
  • Cable or Netflix Movie: bring whatever chick flick you want.
  • Manicures & Pampering: nail files, etc. and a few cucumbers for our eyes.
  • Candles lit
  • Zi avi cd playing
  • Activities: knitting, quilting, drawing, watching movies, relaxing around the fire.
  • Timing_ anytime that feels right after 7ish
  • Place- Tina’s haven
  • Come if you like-stay in bed with a good book if not
So, for the past 3 Thursdays, the boys go in one direction and the girls in another, and we have a great evening doing our girl things or boy things. Last night I hosted and we got a peek at the items that are going into our felting exhibit next week. Lots of oohs and ahhhs! I am so happy to be a part of this loving community, reaching out to cheer someone up and having an excuse to drink more wine!

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