Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Room Redeaux

 Oops. Forgot to do a before pic. This is the during, when everything is in shambles. I did a makeover on Garrett's old room earlier this year and was itching to get to Forrest's old bedroom. That room hadn't been painted in maybe 8 years. Yikes! 

 Forrest has been gone for 5 years now, 4 years of college at the University of Montana and a year working in Missoula. But in 6 weeks he's moving back to the area to go to grad school at George Washington U (where Houston happens to be a professor so we can finally use those tuition exchange credits, yay!). He'll move into his old room until he figures out if he'll move closer in to the shitty. So now all three of my boys will be close. That doesn't happen much any more so you can imagine the smile on my face.

 When I told Forrest I was painting his old room, he said,"I hope you're not girling it up." Oops! Can't help myself. This is my new fave color, pale aqua, seafoam, 'makes me happy bluey-greeney'. It is not a manly color, fer sure. But this really is not his room any longer so he'll just have live with it.

All the furniture got a redo too. I find these night stands really cheap at Goodwill or yard sales. I always have a gallon of black paint, a thin foam roller and paint pan at the ready for slathering everything in black. With a cute little glass knob, it's good to go.

 Same with this retro 60's type side table. Cheapo at the thrift store. 
The twin lights were sent by my dear madre from Arizona who got them at a thrift store. Unfortunately she paid twice as much to have them shipped, but I really like them and may bling up the shades someday.

This was Houston's childhood dresser. Still in pretty good shape. It's nice to have furniture for so long.
 It'll probably get passed on to the grandkids that may someday come along.

 This old dresser was bought at an antique store 31 years ago for Aramin's bedroom. It had huge brass handles and the wood was stained. Black paint to the rescue and some mod brushed nickle handles. 
Ta da! (30 years from now I'll be stripping it back to wood. Yikes! I'll be 87. Maybe not.)

 Since Houston is back in merry old England, I've been sleeping up here.
It's like staying at a B&B. I wake up, look around and smile. The windows face east so it gets the morning light streaming in.

Even Trapper likes it! He's partial to turquoise shag rugs.


Debi said...

LOVE love love what you did to the bedroom...altho the bluey-greeny-seafoam isn't for me either but it turned out pretty.

I too shop at thrift stores. I've been working on redoing mine and my husbands bedroom. 4 pieces of "golden oak" furniture has got to go....I painted the headboard coffee-grounds dark brown (husband didn't want black) but now contemplating doing the large dresser and armoir white with silver drawer pulls. Just chicken I guess. Thoughts?? would pictures help?? I can post them online and then link them here if you want. Another opinion might help me decide. Thanks and good job!! (enjoy your boys while they are close too!)

Dalis' Blog at Dancing Leaf Farm said...

Sure, I'd like to see pix. I think that the white would be great. Cottage-ie.