Friday, July 01, 2011

Hay You!

 I just never tire of this scene. Right across the road from us are acres and acres of pasture. This spring was so wet (wish we could dole it out now!) that the hay was nice and thick in rows. 

 Which made for plenty of hay bales.My morning ritual is to get up with the sun (works for me most days), make the coffee, walk to fetch the paper, grab a cuppa java and read the paper either on the back porch or in the front room looking out at this view. Every day I thank my lucky stars or the cosmos or my dog, (and especially my hubby) for letting me see this view every day.

 What's not to like about cheery, round bales of hay? They're all wound up, just resting and doing their job of drying out. Soon, they'll be placed in another pasture where they'll slowly disappear, being munched by ruminants (sheep and cows) and nonruminants (horses). Sheep need to eat for 4-5 hours every day to eat enough hay to survive. I guess that's why they always have their heads down, looking bucolic out in the fields.

 The window to the right of the door is my newspaper reading window.

 Down the lane a bit, Harris Road boasts some nice bales also. They have a better view though, with Sugarloaf in the background.

After their 4-5 hours of grazing, the sheep come on up to the upper field, to lay down and ruminate about the past day. Another sunrise and sunset and a great summer day in between.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Wish I could be there...:-)