Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Wrap-up

June is my favorite month of the year. The longest day is in June, my flower gardens are at their peak, the weather tends to be not too hot and it's all around delightful.
I went to the Frederick Art Fair along the canal earlier in the month. My friend, Macee, had a booth, selling her jewelry.

 The canal is a perfect place for a festival. The city of Frederick has done a great job of sprucing it up, with cool water features, sculpture and paintings.

 We went to the Beer, Bourbon and Bar-b-que along National Harbor. I really don't care for any of those three things but we got to ride in this cool limo.

 The crowds were wee 20-30 year olds and their main objective was to drink as much bourbon and beer as they could. I hadn't seen these pretzels-on-a-necklace before and thought it was a clever idea. Folks would just grab a pretzel from their friend's necklace.
Seal had a garden party on the most glorious day.

Her garden is like an arboretum, with over 200 trees and gazillions of perennials and shrubs. It started out 17 years ago as a corn field and is now a wonderful retreat.

To celebrate the June birthdays, a friend had a Breakfast/Birding party at 7:30 in the morning. 

Folks came with their professional binoculars and we sited quite a few types of the
little feathered creatures.

Got some kayaking in...

Spent some time in Cumberland with my 'western' girlfriends...

I got to hoop with my girlies on my birthday.

 My long time girlfriend, (from WAY back in high school days) Nancy and Joel came for a visit from Albuquerque for a few days. 

June is peak time for the day lilies on Harris Road or what I call, Lily Lane.

 And our own little lane went from this....

....to this! Ta da! I know we live in the country, but it's still nice to have a paved driveway. We had pot holes at the bottom of the drive that, when it rained, the newspaper would invariably land in the puddle. Trapper is inspecting the drive from his place at the top. So...good-bye to June. You went waaaaaaayyyy too fast.  

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