Tuesday, June 21, 2011


 Every now and then I go to our local dump. It's actually called the 'Beauty Spot' but it's not so beauty-ful. No yucky household trash is allowed though, just debris from building projects, old fence stuff, and things that are too big for street trash removal. But boyohboy, people throw away so much good shit mon. Over the years, I've gotten to know most of the guys who work there and they know me. There were two new guys (identical twins!) there last week and they told me that I seem to be hauling away more stuff than I brought to the dump. I said, "That's why I don't bring my husband!" 
This time I got:
two cute kid chairs, perfect condition
two pot liners (I was just going to go to Lowe's to buy one)
a case of never used Perrier bottles (I passed up 2 more cases)
a brand new professional telescoping window ice scraper
and 7 new gallon jars, perfect for mixing my dyes
a never used large pad of water color paper and a ream of card stock

and the big ticket item which the new boys loaded for me, a five-drawer filing cabinet. I really need this as I want to totally reorganize my filing system. 

 But first, it needs a re-do. I could do this....

 or this... (love this one!)

or any of these. There's removable fun sticky type graphics you can get, lots of design, lots of ideas. Oy, how to decide?!

I got these jars because I saw this great idea of painting them...

....like this! Cute, huh?

In years past I scored this concrete birdbath base,

This iron cart/stand that I use on my patio for putting plates, wine glasses, food, etc.
I've had my boys load so many shutters into my truck that they told me I could build my own house out of shutters. I've gotten concrete urns, old wooden ladders, a large kitchen table and chairs, plates, cups, saucers, cake pans, rakes, pitch forks, even a bumper pool table with balls. One time I was bragging to a girlfriend about all the stuff I found at the dump and she said that if I ever found a wing back chair to take it. I told her I'd never seen one at the dump so don't hold your breath. Well, the next day, one was there! She took it to an upholsterer and he said it was in great shape, very well made.

 Got this retro coffee table on one of my forays.With a little imagination, lots of elbow grease, plenty of storage and a pick-em-up truck, one can keep quite busy on 'shopping' at the Beauty Spot!


willowisp2 said...

Totally love it!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the beauty spot. I miss you so. Half of Sanctuary was furnished from there!