Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dog is My Copilot

 Casey has been away from the farm for 15 months. He rode out west with Forrest to become a Missoula dog, a city dog. He made lots of friends of the furry persuasion and many more of the non-furry persuasion. Everyone loves Casey.

 Especially Forrest. Forrest got Casey when he was a sophomore in high school, when he was going through a difficult time. Casey became his best friend and constant companion.

 While out west, Casey lost a bit of weight (his nickname was Tubbo here) by running with Forrest, backpacking and keeping up with all the dogs in the park.

 But Forrest has moved back to Dancing Leaf Farm to go to grad school at GW. Yay! We finally get to use those tuition benefits so he basically goes to grad school for nearly free. Who could pass that up? So that means that our boy, Casey, has also moved back into his old room.

 Boy and his dog drove 2200 miles in 3 days in the Honda, packed to the bejeebers.

Casey rode shotgun, on a comfy little nest, with his bone, tennis ball, bowl,  food and treats nearby.

Casey hopped out of the car, peed, pooped, raced around and appeared to very happy to be back on the farm. Except for one minor annoyance. He didn't know that he now had a very rambunctious younger brother. Trapper could not believe his good fortune! Trapper is not around any dogs, not getting off the farm very much. So when one bounded out of the car, he raced over, greeted Casey and proceeded to totally annoy him. He was ready to rumble! Trap yipped and yelped and tried to engage Casey in labrador play.
 Casey put up with the shenanigans for awhile, but then growled a bit and told Trapper to lay off the old man. Traps finally calmed down and Casey figured he was going to have to teach this young whipper snapper a thing or two.

 but Casey looked at us....."Really?! Seriously!"

But imagine our good fortune! Not only do we get one young adult back in the fold, but we get a twofer! Forrest's girlfriend, Emily, is moving to the East Coast to attend grad school in Columbia, Maryland. They will both be living at the farm until they figure out where would be the best place to live for commuting. We welcome both with open arms and I'm looking forward to all the chores (fencing, painting, building) these two will be doing to work off the 'rent'. I hear that Emily loves to cook too. Score!


Linda, Knitting on Circular Needles said...

Congratulations to Forrest - and to Emily, too! I hope they thoroughly enjoy their grad programs and I hope you enjoy the extra hands on the farm.

Trapper and Casey are just too cute together. I'm sure Casey will eventually relent and allow Trapper to have a bit of fun.

Isn't it nice to have a full house?

Best wishes to all . . . Linda

Dalis' Blog at Dancing Leaf Farm said...

Thanks Linda. Yep, it's great. And Casey and Trapper have settled into a playful, laid back relationship.

Anonymous said...

It is remarkable that your son and his girlfriend are so comfortable with you to go camping with you and then move in. A good relationship with your children is worth way more than lines waiting to buy your yarn at Sock Summit.

Dalis' Blog at Dancing Leaf Farm said...

Totally agree with you! I love my boys and love the women they have chosen. They are all my good friends and I relish the relationship we have forged.