Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Fun Part, Part 2

 Backing up a week or so, we left Missoula to drive to Portland, through eastern Washington.

 I was happy to see that wind turbines dot the hillsides because it sure is windy there.

 We stopped for a yarn 'trunk' show and had lunch with friends in Walla Walla. Sharon had arranged for her group of knitting friends to stop on by and get the goods fresh out of the trunk.

 I was happy to oblige.

 As we toured Sharon's delightful garden, she told us the story of her cute flower box hanging on the fence. 

Her father lived to the ripe old age of 86, still biking everywhere. This was the handlebars and basket from his bike. Every day she sees this, she is reminded of her father. Charming!

 The 50' tall cowboy beckoned us in to the small grocery store just before our campsite. We didn't get fryers cut up, cabbage or romas, but we did get fried chicken, potatoes and cole slaw for or camp dinner. Oh, and wine.

Coming down the Columbia River Gorge, we took the side diversion on Historic Highway 30.

 We chanced upon the Horseless Carriages' Grand Day Out.

 I loved the finery

 But I especially loved the cars. Coming from a car family (my father, grandfather, and 5 great uncles all had car dealerships), I've always been smitten with vintage vehicles.

 The cars in this Horseless Carriage rally were all 1915 or older.

 The details were amazing. A custom made pic-a-nicka basket

Incredible hood ornaments

 I was surprised at how many different models there were. Even back then, folks had so many choices.

 And these two 'guard' dogs were enjoying (?) a ride in the open automobile.

 We made it to the top and visited this beautiful building.

 all marble, stone and stained glass. I highly recommend driving this bit of roadway, seeing waterfalls, woods and amazing river views along the way.

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