Saturday, February 11, 2012

Something Sweet is Happening!

This Saturday is my Sweet Sale. Lots of bargains so hopefully if you live close enough, you can stop on by.  I've finally gotten around to putting this pattern together. A customer, Tiffany, designed this sweater awhile back. It's knit with my Loopy mohair boucle and Salsa yarns.
 It has a bit of 'nip' in the waist to give it some shape. One button works great.
The main body of the sweater is knit out of the Loopy in the Mermaid colorway and the trim is done in the Salsa yarn, Sorta Solid Burgundy color.

 I've been getting crafty lately and made dozens of these cut felt hair pins. Fun!
 I dye 100% wool felt, cut it into shapes, layer them on and top it off with a cute vintage button.

Introducing a new yarn, Skinny Jive. It's 100% wool, just like it's cousin, Jive, but thinner. This would work great for socks. It's sturdy and tough.

 I've dyed it up in most of my colorways and will eventually carry it in all my colors.
 The 'web' yarns continue to be a hot trend. This one has kid mohair in it and it's soft and luxurious. It's knit a bit differently than others I've done. Comes with a free pattern.
 All the Noro yarn is 30% off!!! This is oh-so-lovely Noro yarn and I'm just loving knitting with it. I have two new Noro books to inspire you too.

Hope you can make it to the shop this Saturday. If not, check back to the website in a couple weeks for sale yarns.


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