Friday, February 03, 2012

What better way to spend a wintry afternoon than crafting with girlfriends? Five or six of us have gotten together a few times at our home/studios to have a Crazy Creative Craft Day, inspired by things we see on Pinterest. A Pinterest Challenge.

 We gather our supplies, like mondo bottles of food coloring,
bottles that I picked up at our local dump,

 and these,
 but one can hardly craft anything without the big kahuna of craftiness...Mod Podge.

We coated the insides of mason jars (and in case you didn't know, mason jars are new the crystal) with Mod Podge and a bit of food coloring.

We painted a few of the bottles with regular paint.

 It appears we were very serious about our crafting, but we really did have fun.

 We wrapped glasses helter skelter with rubber bands, then sprayed them with frosted spray paint.
 Let dry for about 10 minutes, remove rubber bands and voila, a not-so-plain glass. These wine glasses are way too big for wine (they'd make a good fish bowl) so I put a tea candle inside and they make great candle holders.

 After 'baking' the mason jars in a warm oven for awhile, they turned clear, tinted a bit like depression glass. 

 A few weeks ago, we gathered in Bev's studio to decorate wrapping paper. 

 Using newspapers, ink pads and stamps, we pressed away.

 We even made gift tags.

Susan carved a foam plate with an image of Sugarloaf Mountain and the name of her studio and stamped out her customer bags. So clever. 
After admiring our work and putting our supplies away, we brought out the wine (not to say we cant drink and craft at the same time) toasted ourselves and watched the sun set over the fields. This is such a great way to spend an afternoon. If you can find even a couple hours, organize a craft, get your girlfriends together and make something fun while bonding with the girls. Have fun!

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