Monday, January 30, 2012


 We all value community and out here in the country, we seem to really rely on our neighbors and friends. We've been in this area since 1980, and in our house nearly 30 years. We've shopped at our local (local being 6 miles away in the town of Poolesville) market for that entire time. Selby's has been in business for 65 years and has been a small town grocery store and part of the coummunity for all those decades. We'd shop there weekly, visit with friends that we would see in the aisles, with Roy Selby greeting us as we came in and we always felt welcomed. There were times that I forgot my checkbook (remember those?!) and the cashier would just say, "Bring the money in the next time honey." Baggers would take your groceries to the car. If you wanted a special item, you'd just ask Roy and he would get it for you. Service with a smile.

 Sad to say though, Selby's has just closed as of Saturday. With more grocery stores opening closer to us and more folks commuting, Selby's couldn't keep up. We are all so sad to see them shutter and not have that personal and 'small town' feel any longer. I will really miss them.

Another change that recently happened is that our local veternarian, Chet Anderson, or 'Chet the vet' as we call him, has retired after 45 years. He's our own James Herriot, tending to our animals, both great and small, bright and beautiful. I don't know a family who hasn't owned an animal out here and everyone has had Chet as their vet. Even the animals liked going there! Chet knew everyone and  asked what your kids were up to and how your blind dog was getting on. I've had countless dogs, cats, sheep, goats, lizards, hamsters waiting in their reception area. When I couldn't get a big old sheep in the truck, Chet and an assistant would bring their gear and do a farm visit. They helped one of my ewes give birth after a long and troublesome time, soothing her with kind words. My first sheep I had got quite ill and spent a week at the clinic. Aramin and I would go in daily to visit and they'd take us to her room in the back where she was tucked in with fresh straw and update us on her condition along with her preferences. "She doesn't like us touching her rump, but she loves having her nose scratched."  Another time I had a bottle lamb that the mom had rejected and it had gotten bloat. They came right over and stuck a sharp object right in his side, creating a hole (yikes!) and squeezed the air out. He actually felt much better.

But best of all, Chet would come over to quietly put your loved furry member of your family down. I was so grateful for this service when I had to have Tasman put down. It was so hard, but the pain was eased somewhat by having him 'go to sleep' where he laid every day and night.
There was a big retirement party for Chet on Sunday, held at the Barnesville Pavillion. Nearly 1000 people came to wish Chet farewell. He touched so many lives in so many ways. A kind and gentle man, our animals were fortunate to have him working his magic on them. He has left the practice in capable hands though and it is still a pleasure to go to Peachtree Vet. Chet will keep busy bird watching, hiking and tending to his own animals. Happy retirement, Chet!

In our community we share a UPS man. His name is Joe and he's a special guy too. He brings wonderful packages to our door. Joe goes the extra mile (literally) and knows where to leave the large boxes from Montgomery Mills (down the outside basement steps) or Amazon boxes (inside the back door) or Knitting Fever (in the studio). I didn't ask him to do this, he just does it. In a small sign of thanks, I knit him a brown wool hat. Our last UPS man, Runnin' Ron (who delivered our packages for over 20 years) was our hero too. When he retired about 10 years ago, we held a huge retirement party for him too. Hundreds of people showed up at a local bank barn, with food, music and merriment. Little brown toy UPS  trucks were handed out. We miss Ron but Joe has definetly filled Ron's brown shoes.
All this just reminds me how lucky we are to live in such a caring community.

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What a sweet tribute Dalis!