Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I am so lucky to have girlfriends around here (Barnesville) AND in Western Maryland. Because we have another home in Cumberland, I've met heaps of women up there. There's a huge artsy community and a well organized biking community so meeting folks was easy. But to have these women welcome you into their fold, is really special.

Last week we celebrated Macee's birthday by whisking her away to Garrett County for a fun day of visiting AnnaBellePetuniaHead's studio, going out for lunch, antiquing and gathering artisan cheeses from a new cottage industry in Accident, Maryland.  We spent hours on this rainy day at the foothills of the ski area Wisp. The folks there wish the rain would have been snow.  Canoe on the Run is a great little coffee/cafe house serving up frothy java and panini.

 I love, love, love coffee. A day without coffee would be a day in the ER. I am soooo addicted!

 It would be nice to sit here and watch the snow fall, sipping a grande espresso, half caf, soy, non-fat, latte, whip, extra hot! Oh, and with a crescent with organic strawberry/rhubarb jam with a bit of hand churned butter and pear tree honey. (But this isn't Portlandia!)
 The birthday girl, Macee, enjoyed the yarn bowl (even though she wore it as a hat here) and her hand knit handwarmers. The bowl was actually made from leftover yarn from the handwarmers.  Macee was formerly known as Mary, but that was much too plain for this lively girl, so Seal and I decided to change it to Macee and it stuck.

And this is Celeste, formerly another Mary. Too much personality for 'Mary' so now we call her Celeste. She's also modeling her new handwarmers and the same hat/bowl.

One of the guy artists in Cumberland got Seal, Celeste and me mixed up. We said that all us Curly Haired White Bitches look alike. I see a few differences but we all have that curly hair going on. What a great day with the girls. And more to come this weekend as my Barnesville girlfriends are coming to partay with the Cumberland girls. Crack open the wine!

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