Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter White

 Since it hasn't snowed outside, I decided I needed some white stuff inside. Usually I'm all about the color, but white has its place. It's soothing, gives the eye a place of rest and is quite popular right now, according to some designers.
  So I did a 'Re-purpose Redesign' and went for a look-see around the farm, in the closets, in the basement and even outdoors. Our loft in the barn is stacked with doors, shutters and windows, collected from our local 'beauty spot' (dump), saved from our own renovations and some found.

 I found plenty of white stuff, actually way too much and had a good time arranging and rearranging.
I brought these windows, formerly in the sunroom, down from the loft and cleaned them up.
This angel is made out of old corrugated metal, by a rural artist north of Frederick.

 I spend way too much time on Pinterest, an amazing online pinboard, where you can see pretty things, get ideas and 'file' them onto boards. I searched 'white' and these were just a few of the images that came up.

 Love that mirror...

 See, a window on the mantle....that's cool!

 Next I'm putting together this centerpiece. It's an old chicken feeder (which I have and I don't even have to steal it from my hens) with pine cones and candles.
Enjoy your winter by doing some re-design. Ciao!


Anonymous said...

nice nice nice SOOOOOO NICE

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