Monday, January 09, 2012

Resolution: More Fiber

More fiber, more better. I made this nuno shawl for a friend who had given me back a spinning wheel that she had bought from me nearly 15 years ago. She said she didn't use it, dropped it off and said "Merry Christmas!" 

To attempt to pay her back a little bit, I made this nuno felt shawl for her. 

She's a wee bit of a thing, very pretty and I picture her in these soft pastels.

Here it is laid out before the felting process. Wisps of mohair, wool, tencel, silk and sheep locks.

I included a felt brooch with it in. I'm taking it over today so I hope she likes it!

 A few months back I tried to arrange 'Craft Days' with my girlfriends. We'd take turns coming up with a project, getting the supplies and teaching it. Well, life got too busy and we didn't get around to it. Until last Friday.

Just three of us got together to have a 'Pinterest Challenge'. If you don't know what Pinterest is, go check it out. It's fabulous! My treat to myself every day is to spend some time on this site (usually before I go to bed so I can dream of new projects). I get so many ideas from all the clever people out there. And this was one of them.

Yarn bowls. Pick out a bowl, turn it upside down, wrap in plastic wrap, make a paper mache paste, dip yarn into paste and wrap the bowl. Easy peasy. I have quite a stash of yarn (duh!) but we didn't really use very much.

We let them dry overnight (it took a long time, even on the radiator) and I have to say, they turned out great! This would be a fun project with kids too. So now I want to do many more. They'd look cute with a bunch of felt balls in them.  So get crafting!

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