Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Am I Ca-razy!!!!?

 I've done 3 away shows, a studio tour here and now I'm packing' it up again to drive to Rhinebeck on Friday. My other business, Chirp, has a barn sale this weekend but Krista is taking care of that one. We set up the booth today and I have to say, it looks pretty ok. Yippe for the fall season! I really do like this time of year and I'm totally energized. I dyed about 68 pounds of yarn in the last 3 days and it's lucky I have a new long fence to hang it all on. After a bit of rain (really bad for drying yarn), it's been breezy and sunny. A little preview of what I'll be taking to New York...

My super skeiner, Claire is also a great knitter and has knit this wonderful poncho. 

 It's knit with Salsa & Fuzzy stranded together.

 Perfect for the fall weather.

 Another helper/knitter Anne, has designed 'Riptide', a 3/4 length sleeve cardigan with a little ruffled edging and two tiny pockets.

 Knit with Hustle yarn (a Polwarth wool and silk blend).

Anne said she wanted to knit with blues so I obliged with a new color way, 'Riptide' of course! It's a blend of 3 different blues, Denim, Royal and Sky blues.

 Along with dyeing heaps of yarn and fiber, I felted, felted, felted yesterday. I had to make another autumn scarf because my last one was stolen, along with a nice blue shawl. Phooey! I hate that.

So I'll be wearing this one this weekend. 

 The Carnival shawl is one of my favorite ones to make.

 I throw lots of color and texture on, and felt away.

 I have lots of kits assembled so you can make your own lovely scarf.

I'll be packing up these little cuties too. My hand dyed felt brooches go with all my yarns. 
So, I'm nearly ready to pack up the trailer and hit the road. Natalie and I will be heading out early Friday morning. Last year was my first year at Rhinebeck so now I know what I'm getting in to. I know that I could use another person to help out Saturday. So if any of you are going to the festival and would like to work at my booth on Saturday, let me know ( 

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Linda in Waterloo said...

I hope you are having a great show.