Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Busy Times

I have two shows done and 5 more to go. So I have lots more dyeing to do.  Today I turned my dye pots on early. Yesterday it poured sheep and goats (formerly known as cats and dogs), maybe 2-3 inches. Not good for drying yarn. So today I dyed and dyed, up the steps with armloads of wet yarn, then down again for more. 

I never tire of hanging my yarn on the fence. Oh yeah. I got my sheep back because the FENCE IS DONE!!! They are happy to be back, even though they loved being at Camp Ann's. I picked out this gate at Southern States specifically for its many rungs, plenty of space for hanging yarn to dry.  (Nearly every photo I take has a sheep butt in it. When they see my camera, they immediately turn their butts my way!)

I lined the fence (isn't it lovely...the fence, that is) with the chicken coop in the background. The chickens all ran over to look at the colors   see if I had any treats. 
Oh, speaking of chickens, yesterday during the deluge, one of the chickens really made me laugh. The coop run outdoor 'floor' is very hard because the men dug down a foot to bury the chicken wire. This exposed the shale base that water cannot penetrate. So when it rains, Lake Chickamauga forms in the chicken run. This happened soon after the coop was painted a nice, bright white. When the water subsided a bit, it left behind 4" of mud. The chickens came out and threw mud up onto the pristine white wall. :(  So I had the bright idea of putting down a long piece of plywood, about 2' wide and 6' long. That really helped until it all the rain fell yesterday and the plywood floated up and acted like a raft. When I went into the chicken coop, one of the hens jumped out the door onto the plywood. Imagine her surprise when the board moved over the lake. Her legs broadened, she leaned forward a bit and she was actually surfing. Oh how I wish I would have had my camera. 

Anyhootie...these next two weeks are split between painting yarn and painting furniture. 
Krista and I have been pickin' at various places, including the local dump. Can you believe I got all this juicy stuff when I went to the 'beauty spot'?

A really nice mantle or organ top, a wooden stool, an antique rocker and 3 fabulous windows that I have a plan for. 

WE are  going to be known as the 'Chair Chicks'. I counted our chairs yesterday and we have 40, yes 40 chairs to re-do. But we all need to sit down and they're easy to carry around and lots of people like chairs, so we'll keep getting them. There are so many different styles so we probably have one for you. 

 Today we painted 8 pieces of retro, 50's furniture that will be going into the Stylish Patina October Barn Sale. And primed a heap of chairs and sprayed a cute little typewriter table. 

I had promised the dogs a walk and river swim, and they reminded me in late afternoon. So I turned off the dye pots and we walked down Harris Road, our beautiful rural road that leads to Sugarloaf Mountain. Today was in the mid-80's and with the fall colors, I felt so lucky to do what I love, live where I love to be and have a full productive day. 

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