Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Still Getting Stuff

I can't seem to pass a Goodwill store in my travels. Or a junk shop. Or a dumpster that looks like it has treasures. Or a pile of stuff set out for the trash people.
I went junkin' with a friend yesterday up in Pennsylvania. I found this awesome old wash board. It's wood on one side....

and metal on the other. I think the wooden side will work well for notes or to hold old photos, while the back side could be used for magnets (holding notes). Can't have too many notes.

 love the details

 Will probably paint this white and make it into a serving center for outdoor meals.

 More old rusty stuff. I have an idea to use that bucket for a light. It has holes in the bottom so would be pretty cool for that.

Many uses for these old funnels...

like this!

or this

For some reason I've never seen these iron holders before, but now I've come across three of them in different places. The one on the left would make a cool message board and the one on the right would work for holding earrings.

Krista and I are going to have a yellow theme in the spring so are collecting things that have yellow. This old stirrup would be a cute napkin holder.

and this cute serving bowl.

Such a great bucket/ice cream maker? Love the Pennsylvania Dutch designs on it.

Makes me want to eat some sauerkraut and applesauce.

Vintage glasses have my heart. do old milk jugs.

and this carrier is just over the top cute. These would be great holding big zinnias for a table centerpiece in the summer.

Whooooooooooo can say bookend owls?

Such a nice little creamer, or colored pencil holder or vase.

But SCORE! on this retro salad service set! I thought it was a punch bowl but no handles on the little bowls. The salad servers are cool too. Love those 1960's colors. Would make a great set for gazpacho soup.

Speaking of 60's, check out these delightful bowls. Stackable is a bonus!

Anything with red gets my attention. 

I got a few more things but I was taking photos in my carriage house and my hands wouldn't work anymore, it was so cold. My camera was complaining too. But it was a good day for picking and now have to get it into Ginger and Spice Marketplace. But let me know if you're interested in anything before it's gone.

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