Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Patchwork Felt

I've been so busy cranking out these new scarves and shawls of mine. I have a trunk show at the Muse in Frederick this Saturday, Feb. 9, 1-4.  (19 No. Market St.)

Since I spend so much time at Goodwills (I've been to probably 10 in the past couple weeks looking for glassware and furniture for Chirp), I peruse the clothes for 100% silk. I first look at the skirts, then the dresses, and finally blouses. I love it when I find a size 42 or larger skirt! Only 100% silk will felt ok. 

I now have a large collection to choose from. I usually use about 4 different patterns on each shawl so I need a lot of choices.

I make brooches to match each shawl.

I name each shawl and this one is 'Mardi Gras'

Desert Rose is my neutral one. It's not my usually vibrant colors but I do like the subtleness of it. 

 I first start with a big ol' mess of supplies....wool, mohair, tencel, silk hankies, silk scraps, wool locks, silk yarn, lace and sometimes some mystery fibers, all hand dyed with a silk scarf to match.

I lay  throw it all on a silk scarf... 

wrap it up in plastic....

tightly bundle it all up in a roll...

and, surprise!...throw it in the dryer!

and after hours of banging around in the dryer, out comes this, a ready to wear piece of art.

 This was my favorite one to make so far.

 I had some awesome, fairy tale like silk chiffon and embellishments, including this beautiful, glittery decal.




ta da!

'Estelle', because I thought it was a good gramma name, as this one has lots of antique lace in it. 

I have a most beloved felting machine. It looks just like a sewing machine, except where the sewing needle would be, there are 10 needle felting needles. It works like magic!

 Each shawl gets it own custom made brooch. I save a bit of the silk and other embellishments to use on these.

Gotta get back to it! I only two more days.

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