Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sweet Sale Thanks

Thanks to all who came out for the Sweet Sale. You all made it a success. And only ONE person got stuck! It was really muddy and squooshy. I introduced
 'Cha Cha', a strand of lustrous rayon and thin brushed mohair. Spring Meadow color shown.



Mambo is new also. It's a Merino/Silk blend, DK weight and very soft.

I still have some of the baby alpaca left. I'll put it up on etsy soon.

I found this adorable baby stroller last month and it was perfect for my freshly dyed red yarns.

And I scored this great shelf/cart recently. It'll be great for shows.

Roses for the Sweet Sale.

 What didn't sell will go on sale on etsy soon, so check back.

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