Thursday, February 28, 2013

Worky Work

I spent the last two days over at our work space (Krista's pool house) cranking out some furniture. I cannot believe how fast the time goes when we're out there priming, painting, waxing, buffing, fixing, crafting. We listen to Pandora (yesterday was Mumford & Sons...recommend) and only stop to show each other recent pins on Pinterest or a tutorial or cool video.

This is a darling pink chair I picked up awhile back and couldn't wait to get to it. It was already pink, but a faded, dirty pink so I mixed up some fresh pink (a blend of some oops paint Krista had picked up, some white primer and a little bit of plaster of paris for grit) and gave it a nice new coat of happy. Check out her nice front legs....ohhhhh la la!!

But this awesome, cheery flower fabric was the cat's meow, a perfect match. This chair would be so darn cute in a little girl's room or paired up with a nice vanity. Available for $55.

This is just a glimpse of the mess we make. Furniture in all stages of priming or painting or gluing.

We have two table packed with projects. We dance from one to the other and sometimes have 7 or 8 different paint brushes going. 

This little table wasn't in the que for long. Sometimes it's best to just bring it on in 
and git er done.

Krista worked on her second piece of a set she purchased last fall. 

I love this piece....such nice lines.

Here's the table that includes a leaf and 6 chairs. Now to get to the huge china cabinet.

She reupholstered the chairs in this great black and white fabric that will go with any decor.

We finished up a wholelotta small items too. I couldn't believe how many things we had lined up to be primed and painted and then deciding what bling to add to them. We put some cute knobs on this one to hang jewelry or keys or whatever you need to hang up. So dern cute!

Sometimes I even redo furniture for myself. This was a roadkill rescue. My brother-in-law was about to take this to the dump but offered it to me first. youbetcha! As ugly as it is, I knew it would fit beside my bed where I desperately needed a place to put my lamp and clock and flashlight and it couldn't be more than 15" wide. 

Painted it white (in trips downstairs while I was dyeing yarn or looking for takes no time at all if you paint coats while doing other chores).

Distressed it just a bit, put a cute knob on it and called it a day. It does need some 'feet' though as it is a bit too short.

I've refinished I don't know how many chairs in the last few months. Krista and I seem to have a thing for chairs. We've done at least 40 chairs and have around 50 in the barn to be redone. My dining room chairs needed some love. This fabric was put on back in the 90's (and it looks it!) Dated much?!

I did one chair with this striped fabric about 10 years ago but didn't finish the other 5 chairs.

But I fell in love, love, love, with this fabric at Hobby Lobby.

Ta da! All 6 chairs done! And every time I walk into the dining room (which unlike most dining rooms, is in the center of our house and used allofthetime), I just have to smile. My son even asked if I was getting ready for spring. Yep!

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