Thursday, February 07, 2013

More From Chirp

We're using some of the barn wood from I salvaged from our barn makeover last summer.

This is the wood as it was for 80 years, aging nicely.

We cut it up into planks...

to be a backdrop for all these iron hooks and knobs we purchased.

They'll be awesome! Find them at Ginger & Spice Marketplace at at Stylish Patina Barn Sale this month.

Since we got a 'balmy' day of 41 degrees, Krista and I painted a couple pieces that hadn't sold. Krista repainted this Waterfall dresser white (it was a very pale grey).

And I painted the frilly vanity. It will be gorgeous when it's done.
Will post an after photo.

Lisa lives in the house that is next to the Stylish Patina barn. She goes out picking' and comes back with great stuff. She stores it in her horse trailer right out front. While Krista and I were inside the trailer picking up a cute chair (that will go with the filly vanity), Lisa drove up with a truck load of vintage finds. She didn't even have to load it in her trailer. Right into our truck it went! We each got a wood ladder ...

and I snagged this great shelf/cart thing. It even rolls around! I'll use it next weekend for the Sweetheart Sale at my studio, filled with colorful yarn. Yippee for being in the right place at the right time.