Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Barn Pickin'

Krista and I went over to our friend's barn the other day to scrounge around. I had asked Steve if he had any barn wood and he said a definite "No." Guess he hadn't looked around in awhile. I said "You have plenty of barn wood!" He replied, "And it's holding up the barn!" It was all I could do to not start pulling off those awesome weathered boards. 

This is an old dairy barn that hasn't been used (except for storing old rusty stuff) for 50 years. They built a new modern one back in the 50's for the milk operation.

So now this one has the most beautiful chippy boards. We did talk him out of two rusty iron twin beds and some windows though. Krista was in the little room beyond this window and discovered an entire ceiling of robin's egg blue chippy wainscoting ceiling. My eyebrows went up, a smile appeared and I saw a nice piece hanging down just wanting to be pulled down. It was easy! 

So back to the workshop we went. Krista's main business, which her husband started many years ago, is fabricating metal railings so the workshop is fully equipped with all types of machinery. This saw cuts this old barn wood like buttah. We set up in assembly fashion, both of us taking turns at the machinery cuz it's so darn fun. 

After marking holes, we drill, drill, drill on the drill press. 

Then haul all the pieces over to the pool house (aka Chirp indoor workshop), place the decorative iron hooks on the boards and screw them in.

We sold out of all our other ones, so we just had to make more.

We had a lot of little pieces of barn wood so decided to put some of our 
plentiful knobs on them. 

Here is that dreamy ceiling wood. Gotta say, I LOVE this stuff!

So, back to the barn we go, this time equipped with a crow bar and hammer.

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