Monday, March 18, 2013

Shear Fun

It's always nice to get shearing out of the way for the year. I don't usually shear this early, but Farmer Anne gets booked up with her shearing schedule so I wanted to get her while the gettin' was good. And my girls were very wooly and the wool was just getting dirtier.

Anne came with her drop shears, hoof trimmers, broom, her huge tool bin...

but my favorite thing is her Hobbit type shoes. She puts them on right before shearing. I don't know how they keep her feet safe with my big old ewes stepping on them.

I tell my sheep that it's 'Spa Day' but they can be pretty cranky. 

Flopsy came out to cheer them on.

It was chilly while shearing, but afterwards the temperature dropped so I put them in the barn, shut all the doors and their shared body heat helped to keep them warm without their winter wool coats. Unfortunately the next day, it snowed, rained and didn't get up above 37 degrees. They had to stay in the barn all day long. They wondered what they had done to be locked up all day. So sorry girls. But Flopsy kept them company and I kept going out to give them treats. Maybe tomorrow will be more like spring weather and they'll get to graze in their field.

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