Monday, March 18, 2013

Date Day

My Christmas present to my 3 sons was to take each of them individually on a date, shopping, lunch or dinner, or whatever they wanted to do. Finally got around to taking the oldest, Aramin, for our date.

He didn't have any plan in mind so I thought I'd show him what I do when I'm not dyeing fiber. We went to Ginger & Spice in Walkersville (where he found an awesome collage of old locks).

Then on to Stylish Patina barn because we were all set up for the sale this weekend. In between the stops I couldn't help but to pop into a few thrift stores. Glad he was game.

We really built up an appetite while shopping. We had a great lunch at Family Meal in Frederick. y.u.m.m.y!

Since I took Aramin  to the finished products sites, I thought I'd show him the befores. This is where we have all the furniture stored, ready to be made beautiful.

And this is our workshop, where we fix, paint, glaze, wax, buff, refresh, refurbish and repurpose all of our thrifty finds. Sure had a great time with #1. Now I have to pin down my other two. 

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