Thursday, March 27, 2014

On Pins & Needles

I've been needing a little traveling needle case. Going back and forth to Krista's to make our critters, I'd forget needles, scissors and pins. So when Kathy of our felting group proposed making a felt needle holder, I said yes, yes.

We started out with a flat piece of prefect, placing a resist on the inside to form two flaps, like a wallet. Scissors can be tucked in to the pocket.

Kathy made a perfectly smooth, tightly felted holder.

 Bev added cutout prefect for embellishments. We were just making the outside cover this day, adding our pre made felt pages for the inside. 

This was the initial inspiration.

Grace's was a hot fuscia pink. She won't misplace this!

 Renata added silk fabric to the front of hers. You can't tell, but there's a beautiful feather pattern on the right.

Paige laid on wool yarn with bits of green between.

Renata had done this one previously. The stitching is done after it has dried. 

Roz is always our fastest felted and had already moved into hers as we were still felting.

More pages could have been added, but two pieces, making four pages seemed enough.

Zita sent me photos after she had embellished hers. 

So Zita-like!

group shot

I always take shots of things in the personal studios that catch my eye. This is recycled silk saris, torn to make yarn. This yarn works great for embellishing.

Zita's idea board in the background and one of her lovely silk shawls.

I liked how she had decorated her magazine storage files with squares of her felt. Loved the 'FUN' category! 

I really appreciate when we learn a technique that is so practical and we come away with a great project. This has already proved to be very useful. Thanks Kathy for a great tutorial. 
Can't wait to make more!


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