Saturday, March 01, 2014

Radiant Orchid Shawl/Vest

Our felting group met last week to try a shawl/vest. Mine is a shawl at the moment, but with holes cut for arms, it will turn into a loose style vest. 

I'm kinda sorta afraid to cut holes in it.

I used a wool prefelt for the base, along with a large piece of silk chiffon, crinkly silk and mohair locks, all dyed Orchid at the same time.

This was my pile of materials at the beginning. I chose to edit it down to just a few silk pieces for embellishment. Not like me at all.

I've been using vintage silk saris from 
India that I get on ebay. 

I never know what I'll be doing with a piece until I begin. I thought that this would be all helter skelter like I usually do, but when I started to lay it out, linear was what came to mind.

I always do a brooch to match.

Arm holes or no arm holes? Hmmmmm