Monday, February 02, 2015

Office Makeover Reveal

While Forrest was recuperating in my living room, I had to stay busy, but be at home. Perfect solution….tear into the office that hadn't been touched for 24 years! Isn't this what everyone does on December 24th?!!! I put on loud music and got my groove on and painted away. Forrest would call me on the phone when he needed something like ice or food or encouragement. 
I didn't get many before pics but this one shows the very dated color scheme and the wood that I kept natural all these years. The lights had already been put in by my friend Gerardo, but they were just bare bulbs before. 

This is the same corner as above. All that darn trim was painted white and it took four (4!) coats of paint. ALL that trim, with the brush going over it again and again and again.

I got that chair a year ago on freecycle. I guess my painting furniture days aren't over as I painted the little dresser our favorite 'Betsy's Linen'. 

These shelf units were built when we enclosed what was our screened-in porch 24 years ago. They were scuffed up, almond colored and needed an update. I painted them all white with dark grey beadboard in the back.

The most fun was moving into the shelves. I gathered up my pretty things, collections, vases, pitchers, cameras, urns, photos and books….

….and arranged little vignettes on each shelf. 

Some were colorful

and some were monochromatic.

I love me some owls!

Number 3 is my favorite number.

I forgot I had this cute, perfectly sized table. I painted it the same deep grey that I patined the shelf backboards. I still want to add silver leaf on the legs to look like mercury glass 'socks' to tie in with the mercury glass theme. 

I changed up the cushions after finding these at my favorite store, Homegoods 
(besides Home Depot and Lowe's). And for the final touch, I had a new rug made. This room cannot have wall to wall carpet because it has an old terra cotta floor (because it was a porch) so I had one bound and it fits perfectly. I'm so happy this room is finished and I love sitting here with my computer, looking out over the fields. Now on to the rest of the house!


LB Bryant said...

Its gorgeous! I love every single thing!!!

Arlene Keller said...

You have a crafty way of making an item distinct, Dalis. I'm sure getting around to doing those personal projects, while you're preoccupied with your own business is difficult. However, you did a wonderful job with that makeover. You're definitely wired with the right type of productivity. Thanks for sharing that! Kudos and more power to you! :)

Arlene Keller @ Scott Sauer

Traci Mcdaniel said...

Talk about cozy! I’m sure you’re more than comfortable working in an office as homey as that. Yeah, a makeover isn’t something anyone would tend to do a 24th of December. But getting a stunningly-renovated office is surely something nice to give yourself on Christmas day. Cheers!

Traci Mcdaniel @ Carolina Material Handling