Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Workin' That Felt

I will be delivering some shawls next week to a new gallery, Horse Spirit Arts Gallery near Ellicott City. I've had to crank out a few as I had sold most of them over the holidays. 

I really do enjoy making these, but just had to get over the creative blockage I 
had about putting these together. I was into painting and decorating instead. 

But back in my basement studio I went, gathering my supplies…roving, silk hankies, locks, silk fabric, chiffon, mohair and glitz. I first dyed all the ingredients, dried them on the radiators, then laid them out. 

This one is called 'Walk in the Woods', a collage of the forest floor (not really but I like the textures of the forest floor!)

This is how it looked right after I laid it out. I know this looks more brown, but it really is the grey/black one below.

This one is perhaps my favorite one ever. I love how the colors and textures turned out. I don't really have a plan when I start these, they just transform.

I named this one 'Sit Down With Sangria'. Sangria is one of my color ways that was a mistake. I was dying Sedona but the water had a bit of purple in it so I added more purple and voila!, a new color way.


'Crocus In the Spring'

'Carnival Parade'

My tables have worked so well for felting. I can lay out one shawl or two scarves and have all my supplies right at hand. 

Cleared and clean, ready for my next creative burst.

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