Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thaxted Guildhall Museum and Town

An old painting of the village of Thaxted.

We stopped in Thaxted for cream teas. The boys piled their scones up with nearly an inch (!) of whipped butter and smothering that with fresh strawberry jam.

Dickie, this one is for you!

Hand dyed yarn with natural dyes.

Spool holder with hand dyed yarn on the spools. I'm not sure what the rake to the left was used for.

This old loom is now housed in the lower floor of the museum. The warp and weft on the loom is natural dyed wool.

The Thaxted Guildhall, built in 1390. Cutlery was made in this village in the 1400 until the mid-1500's. The Cutler's Guild met in this building. It's now a museum.

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