Friday, May 18, 2007

Visit to Lavenham

From Bury St. Edmonds, we drove to Lavenham, a midieval wool town. This was a thriving wool market town, with many richy rich land barons. The market got its charter in 1254. Most of the buildings date from the 15th century. Most of these were never altered due to the fall of the weaving industry in the 16th century. Consequently the town is still very much on the same scale as it must have been back in the 'olden days'.
I've noticed the difference in these half-timbered buildings and the stone buildings. All the timbered buildings are twisty turney, crooked and leaning. Whereas the stone buildings are ever so straight. When renovating these timbered homes, the carpenters must be used to odd angles and nothing be a straight line. No plumb bob needed!

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