Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cut up Cardigans

I was cleaning up my office (crafty space) and discovered many UFO's (unfinished objects). It seems I like to knit a back, two fronts and one sleeve of a cardigan. I then get bored with it and set it aside for a number of years (gasp!). I found three, yes, three cardigans like this. One other cardigan I'd managed to get nearly everything done except the collar but I didn't really like it. So instead of ripping all those stitches out, I gathered them all up, marched into the laundry room and threw the whole motley bunch into the felting machine, I mean the washing machine. Hot water wash, cold water rinse should do the trick. Pictured above are a few of the pieces before felting.

I had used some non-wool yarn in the striping of this sweater so of course the novelty yarn didn't felt.

This is the back of one of the cardigans in 'Mermaid' color. I think I'll make a purse out of it.

Before and after felting a front of a cardigan.

The purse is from the front of the cardigan pictured in the previous photo. I cut flowers out of the felted pieces and sewed on buttons. I'll probably use these on other purses.
I have enough 'felt material' to make a few bags and lots more flowers. So now it's time to start another cardigan. Maybe I'll be able to get this one completely finished. I'll keep you posted.

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