Thursday, August 30, 2007

Animals on a Summer Day

I am lucky enough to live right next door to a field that's home to two gorgeous horses. I look out my kitchen window and there they are, just 30 feet away. I don't have to feed them or groom them or pay for any vet bills. When I walk down to get the paper in the morning, I say good morning and they come over for a pet.

I keep thinking I'll see one horn coming from is forehead!

The sheep I do own and have to feed but they don't have vet bills. I take care of most of their ailments or I call Super Vet, Annie, who's not a real vet, but can do most anything for a sheep or cow. This is my oldest ewe, Brambles, a Jacob with the standard four horns. Jacobs are a skittish breed but she'll eat out my hand but with sidelong glances and a stomp of the foot first.

This is Annie's cow, Marble, I believe. She's a sweetie, with huge brown eyes and long eyelashes that she batts at you and you just fall in love.
This being the last weekend of summer I wanted to share this poem. It's from Peacock Pie and was published in 1913.
'Summer Evening'
The sandy cat by the Farmer's chair
Mews at his knee for dainty fare.
Old Rover in his moss-greened house
Mumbles a bone, and barks at a mouse
In the dewy fields the cattle lie
Chewing the cud 'neath a fading sky.
Dobbin at manger pulls his hay,
Gone is another summer's day.

Goody bye to another summer.

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herhimnbryn said...

Gorgeous images of your Summer day and those animal look very contented.