Tuesday, August 14, 2007

UPS Makes My Day

We all love the UPS truck, and its driver, Joe. To me UPS mean Unsurpassed Pleasant Surprise. Joe always delivers good stuff; sculptures, art supplies, i-pods, books, yarn, yarn, yarn and even dog biscuits. Above Taz and Casey are awaiting their treats. In the door are four of my nine boxes of yarn. Joe was wrestling with the other five boxes in the back. He was quite happy to get rid of all that yarn as he could now move around. This was last Friday and I told him now I was going to have to dye yarn over the weekend. He said that he was ruining people's weekends all over the countryside, delivering furniture that had to be put together and other items that needed attention. We all know the sound of the UPS truck and I'm always disappointed when he buzzes right by my house.

This is the yarn before it's dyed, all white and boring.

In the dye pan with the colors cooking in.

And here it is drying in the sun with Knickers eating nearby.

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