Friday, August 17, 2007

Plenty of Painters

My friend, Francisco, and his crew of house painters traveled with me to Cumberland to scrape and paint all the windows of our Cumberland house. That's Louis, Orlando and Francisco in the front and Wilson in the back. They spent 3 days and did a splendid job on the windows which look brand new. In my typical ADD way, I kept distracting them with my own agenda. "Hey, let's put up the shade triangle in the back, help me move the bed upstairs, can we bring the porch swing down form the attic?" But they insisted on finishing whatever task they were on first. Jeesh! But we did get everything done. They were all up by 6:00 (luckily I'm an early riser too) and they were out on the ladders by 6:15. I had to put a stop to that though because the ladders make a lot of noise and I don't think everyone in the neighborhood is up at 6:00 a.m. I let them start by 7:00 and made them drink coffee in the mean time.

We all went downtown to have lunch. That's Seal in between Francisco and Louis. They'd been in Cumberland for 3 days and hadn't seen much of the town. Cumberland has a charming downtown area with turn of the century brick buildings lining a pedestrian mall. Thursday is the Farmer's Market with live music and folks were dancing and everyone was having a great time. The weather was perfect, sunny and not so hot, with a nice breeze. Francisco was smitten with Cumberland and may be interested in opening a Salvadoran restaurant there. Yeah!

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