Monday, August 20, 2007

My Sheep Go To Greener Pastures

Saturday was moving day for my two rams, Pip and Knickers, and two ewes, Violabelle and Maybelle. My pastures need to have not so many sheep on them and also the nights are getting cooler so I'm afraid the rams will get ALL the ewes preggers. The sheep are in the back of the truck, looking sheepish. They don't particularly like riding in any vehicle, especially one with slippery footing.

But here they are delivered safely to their new field. They jumped off the truck, kicked up their heels and went "Yippeee, fresh grass!"

The farm next door has a flock of sheep that was watching the goings on and were quite interested in the new neighbors. They were a bit skeptical but later on I came to check on everyone and both parties were as close to each fence as possible.

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