Thursday, August 09, 2007

Spin On

I used to spin a LOT. I started out spinning my sheep's wool, after the spring and fall shearing. I send off all the wool from their backs to be washed and carded in Michigan as it's just way too much for my little washing machine to handle. Also we don't have the water it takes to do a good job. About 6 weeks later I get bags and bags of fluffy roving back that's a joy to unpack. After all these years, it's still a wonder how the somewhat dirty locks on my girls can turn into magical white cotton candy-like fluff. I also mix the dark grey and the white to get this frosted roving that makes this subtle blend of natural colors.

As I was carrying the roving from the studio to the deck I noticed the birdbath base in the garden and thought with the roving on top it looks like the twist cone I got as a kid at the drive-in in my small town.

For years and years I used a Majacraft Suzie or Rose. I even sold them after I discovered them in a small workshop down a long country lane in New Zealand back in the 80's. I now use this Fricke electric wheel cuz I like to go FAST! I'm probably not burning as many calories while spinning but it leaves me more time to ride my bike so I guess it evens out. The wheel is portable as long as their's electricity nearby. I can take it outside on the deck and can go as far as my extension cord will allow.

I once took my boys out to the studio and said,"Pick any color you want and I'll make you a hat." There is a profusion of color in that studio but they both zeroed in on the grey and white handspun. So now I call this 'Guy Color'. I've made so many 'guy hats' and 'guy scarves', I've lost count. The boys have also lost plenty of the hats and scarves too, but I really think that they've given them away to friends. Forrest and Garrett receive many "Did that really come from the sheep on your farm?!" It is pretty cool that they wear part of their sheep on their heads.
Above is the finished skein and a finished scarf. Try not to lose this one guys!

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