Sunday, July 29, 2007

Three Cardigans

This pattern is from knitty and is knit with Peace Fleece for the body and Slubby Nubby for the cuffs and collar. It's a really comfy cardigan and looks great closed with a sweater pin or stick. It was a breeze to knit and I love the contrast in texture of the Slubby against the body of the sweater.

I finally knit an entire sweater out of my Tango yarn, a soft 70/30 blend of wool and mohair, worsted weight. This color arrangement (I'm trying to get away from 'colorway' as I've read people are sick of hearing that word!) is 'Seaside' and the pattern comes from a Design Source book that I have in stock. It has a ribbed patterning on the sleeves and on the bottom of the pullover which forms an interesting "V" desgin in the front and back. The collar can hang open like shown or be fastened with a fashionable pin.

My 'Briar Patch' cardigan is a Peace Fleece pattern, the Everyday Cardigan. This will be one sweater that I can see wearing every day. It's a basic design, easy to knit out of Tango yarn. I've only had it on briefly as it's way too hot to wear it yet. I had to shoot this photo quickly as Nicole was becoming 'faint' from the heat. Oh, the annoyances of being a model!


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Love the Briar Patch Cardigan. For a 32" chest size how many skeins? Thanks.

Unknown said...

Two large skeins should be enough. That's nearly 1000 yards.

Anonymous said...

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