Sunday, July 29, 2007

Things We Do in the Country

After years of feeding sheep in front of the barn and them hanging out there most of the time, a great deal of sheep poo and composted hay had accumulated. My son, Forrest had been pitchforking it into the garden cart and hauling it to the gardens. I saw where this could take maybe a year to do, working 8 hours a day. Light bulb moment! Call my neighbor Terry with his wonderful Kubota tractor.

Terry hauled 20 loads in less than an hour. He would get a scoop and I would direct him where in the garden to dump it. By the end I was out of gardens and was just dumping it around shrubs.

This is the area up close and personal, quite a mess. I had to move the water trough out of the way and saw there was a huge toad underneath. She hopped out of the way and about a dozen teeny weeny perfect little baby toads no bigger than 1/4 inch (!) started hopping too, but not out of the way. Terry and I were down on our knees scooping up baby toads so they wouldn't get scooped up and deposited underneath a mountain of poo. I said to Terry that I bet he didn't think this was part of the job of hauling manure.

In the pic above notice our dog, Casey, inspecting what dropped off the bucket. He decided it smelled just fine and proceeded to roll in it. He definitely tore up his inside card for that night! Now I really have my work cut out for me spreading this around. I'll be hauling manure 'till the cows come home' or in my case, sheep.

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Marie said...

Welcome home! Casey is a new dog, I take it. Where is Tazman? I wish I could come and visit. I miss Dancing Leaf farm! Ann will be coming home soon too. Do you two and Bev have any crazy plans, like visiting the Funny Farm?